Seattle's News Elixir

1. The Seattle looks at the likely impacts of the elimination of the downtown Seattle Ride-Free Area, which goes away September 29. Metro general manager Kevin Desmond says, "We're asking everyone to be patient -- the buses probably are going to be slower. Traffic is probably going to be slower downtown. We're telling our customers to expect some delays."

2. Talking to the Everett Herald, state superintendent of public instruction Randy Dorn contradicts Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna's claim that I-1240, the charter schools initiative, is "clearly" constitutional. Dorn says the initiative "goes around the constitution."

3. Seattle Times reporter Emily Heffter has a noteworthy scoop: The now-famous letter from a crew of state legislators who raised alarm bells about the Port's approval of Port CEO Tay Yoshitani's dual gigs a the Port and on the board of shipping logistics company Expeditors International was actually written by the Teamsters.

In Monday's Fizz, we noted that there’s a behind-the-scenes political irony to the Tay Yoshitani  flap because it was intended to embarrass Seattle Port Commissioner Tarleton, but her record on Yoshitani (she came out loudly calling on him to resign or drop his side gig at Expeditors International and actually voted against his contract) is now looking good.

Heffter's story outs the behind-the-scenes agenda: The Teamsters are longtime foes of Tarleton  because of her stance against making contract truckers full-time employees.

4. Apparently responding to the success of Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention, low-profile US Senate candidate Michael Baumgartner, a Republican running against incumbent Maria Cantwell, a Democrat, says he plans to debate an empty chair, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reports. Baumgartner had sought 39 debates with Cantwell---one for every county in the state.

5. Troy Kelley, the Democratic Party candidate for state auditor, was once accused of stealing art from a company where he worked, the AP reports.

6. Re: Last night's DNC speech by ex-President Bill Clinton, the Washington Post's Ezra Klein calls Clinton the "wonk-in-chief," and Firedoglake contrasts Clinton's presence at the Democratic Convention with his successor George W. Bush's conspicuous absence at the GOP convention last week.
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