More a parlor than a boutique, the Dress Theory consists of a handful of rooms; one to sit and relax and talk colors and dreams and big, beautiful plans, two for showcasing the carefully handpicked and lovingly presented dresses, and one indulgently large one for trying them all on.

What happens when a thoughtful, stylish Seattle-by-way-of-SoCal bride with a photography background a master's degree in women's studies can't find the dress of her dreams in our Emerald City? 

The Dress Theory, that's what happens. 

Opened last month in Greenlake inside what looks and feels like some sweet auntie's second-story parlor, Camille Wynn's wedding dress shop is for thinking, dreaming brides who favor natural materials, fashion-influenced styles, sweet but not saccharine moods, and a personalized, one-on-one approach to style selection. 

Check out our slideshow, courtesy wedding photographer Julie Harmsen, for more. 

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