The truck is named Alan. Cause why not?

Venessa Goldberg, a trained pastry chef, and pal James Kennicott are teaming up for a new food truck. The truck, named How Pickle Got Out of a Jam, won't roll out until later this fall, and yet the duo is already making inroads with local food types.

For months now Goldberg and Kennicott (he apparently makes a killer hot sauce) have hosted multi-course meals at Goldberg's house in the Central District. They are an ideal way for Goldberg and Kennicott, who have cooked together as friends plenty of times, to ply their skills in a professional capacity. Also ideal is the chatter they've generated.

The dinners started out with friends and family and now are selling out. They seat up to 14 people and cost $45 (bring a bottle of wine to share and it's cheaper). Goldberg describes the food as stuff you'd eat at home but dressed up. Past plates include grilled oysters, cedar plank king salmon, steak au poivre, whole grilled trout, and rosemary apricot chicken. Homemade pickles and preserves are there as well—Goldberg is big on canning, and lately has been jamming away—and will be on the truck's menu, too.

Even the corn is pickled. Photo via

Also on the mobile menu: several soups, fish cakes, potato cakes with relish, and hearty salads ("not just green salads") plus several pastries like cakes, fritters, and biscuits. The local, sustainable offerings will change with the season—"We're lucky to have a lot of options in the Northwest. It'd be a shame not to take advantage of that," says Goldberg—but don't look for sandwiches. They're shying away from those, since so many trucks already own that market.

A Sunday brunch is planned for the 16th, and dinners will continue through fall (Goldberg is thinking Sunday suppers). You can keep tabs on the schedule on Goldberg's blog.

Over at Voracious, Roll With Jen recapped a recent meal if you are curious to read how they go down.

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