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When a contact at Goodwill let me know that Seattle hip-pop star Macklemore filmed part of his just-dropped video for "Thrift Store" at the new South Lake Union savings spot, I figured, well, hey, lemme call him up and see what his favorite spots are.

You ready for this?

Macklemore, who told me he's spent "far too much time hunting for the gems of the universe" in dime and junk stores across the nation (one of the perks of touring) says his top three Seattle thrift shops are:

1. The Goodwill bins at the Dearborn location

2. The Value Village on Capitol Hill

3. Red Light at Capitol Hill (not really a thrift store but hey, a cheap, vintage rose by any other name...)

Those of you with secret thrift haunts all over the city can now exhale. The "Same Love" rapper either doesn't have any huge secrets or he isn't willing to divulge them (a lot of serious thrifters aren't). 

But on the flip side, Macklemore's tips carry a positive message for those of you who like the idea of $6 vintage jumpsuits but are unsure how to get your hands on them. Basically what he's saying is that there are goods to be found even in the most obvious places.

You might employ a few of his favorite shopping strategies no matter where you go:

-Never go out looking for one particular thing. In other words: keep an open mind, and be ready for surprises.

-Shop outside your comfort zone; Macklemore says he cruises the women's aisle frequently for stuff like XL vintage fur coats.

-Don't think of it as shopping only. Thrifting is about being an archeologist, a sociologist, a historian.

-Don't go when you're not in the mood. It is a hunt and it does take time and patience. If you're not in the mood for that, stay home and surf Amazon or something.

So what about you? What are your favorite spots, and what are your best tips?


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