Summer is still hanging on—albeit just barely—and we love the no-frills feel of this season's beauty regime. For August we're all about simple, fresh, and natural shades that let sun-kissed skin shine.

Enter Hourglass's new opaque rogue liquid lipstick in canvas.

The color goes on like a liquid gloss and dries to a matte shade with just a suggestion of a dusty rose hue. It's a subtle new neutral that's perfect for a beachy Alki day but will easily transition into balmy fall.

Unlike many long-wear lines, the liquid lipstick contains skin-conditioning emollients, antioxidant fruit extracts, and vitamins A, C and E that keep lips hydrated and protected throughout the day. Even better? Hourglass ditches unfavorable parabens, fragrances, and sulfates in its formulas, making the color natural from the inside out

The lasting shade took us through a sandwich lunch and a coffee date without smudging and it isn't at all sticky, so you barely notice it on your lips. 

Find this blank-slate shade at Barney's New York for $28. Swipe it on and you're good to go soak up the last of the sun.

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