Coming soon to a food truck near you.

 Ting Momo, Tom Douglas's lunchtime spot for Tibetan dumplings (aka momo) and other Tibetan fare, has closed its doors. Its neighbor, the blockbuster beer bar Brave Horse Tavern, is taking over the space. As of September 1, it will reopen as the Tack Room, Brave Horse's for-rent party room.

A rep for Douglas (who is rumored to have another project in the works) says that part of the reason behind the switchup is the many requests Brave Horse gets for just such a reservable space. The Tack Room will have 24 taps (just as many as the restaurant itself), a full bar, shuffleboard and...Buck Hunter. A lot of Amazonians will be faux shooting faux wildlife in that back room.

But don't mourn longtime Douglas employee Dekyi Thonden's Ting Momo menu just yet. She has moved her production back to the Dahlia Lounge building in Belltown. You can find to-go packs of her momo at Dahlia Bakery, and on a happy hour plate and the lunch menu at Dahlia Lounge. And soon: on a food truck. Team Douglas is readying a "super-cute truck" to dispense Ting Momo fare around the city. The official name will be Ting Momo on the Go, but Douglas employees have already affectionately shortened it to Ting Mobile.

Keep an eye on the restaurant's website and other Douglas outposts for updates on the schedule; Ting Mobile will be on the roll around the city, but it's already planning to surface in the courtyard outside its former South Lake Union address a few days a week. 


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