Bikinis and wieners. What, you find something funny? Photo via Summer Dog.

 Apparently our ongoing love of mobile foodstuffs + a rare burst of hot Seattle weather = a floating hot dog cart. Behold, Summer Dog, a “party barge” that will be plying Lake Union and Lake Washington boaters with beef, pork, and veggie dogs, bratwurst, and hot links on sunny days through the end of September.

Per a press release, this wiener-vending vessel is the creation of Chris Rice and Emma Schwartzmann, longtime friends who began dating while working for Ethan Stowell (she at How to Cook a Wolf, he at Tavolata). You’ll be seeing Rice behind the bar at Stowell's upcoming Rione XIII restaurant. But for the rest of the summer, he does the grilling and Schwartzmann handles condiments as they fill orders for assorted boats, canoes, and kayaks. Former Stowell partner Patric Kabre-Kidan will stop by for the occasional guest chef stint; he helped the couple design their floating palm tree-emblazoned hot dog shack.

All dogs are $6, sodas are $2, and Summer Dog is cool with credit cards or cash (even if its slightly damp). The Montlaker blog reports it has been a hit thus far.

Summer Dog often ties up near UW’s waterfront rec center, or the Washington Park Arboretum, but Facebook, Twitter (hello, avatar bosoms), and the still-under-construction website are the best way to track its whereabouts (call ahead for large orders). Rice and Schwartzmann plan on making Summer Dog an annual thing, running from June through September.

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