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The creative Caravan Crepes. Photo via Facebook.

 The newest face in Seattle street food is Brooke Sumner. The sunny Emerald City native comes to us by way of Hawaii, where she spent four years working a crepe shack on the North Shore. When the owners expressed interest in opening the same creperie here, Sumner offered to steer the ship. When that flatlined, she went solo and chose the roving route. 

Perhaps it's the island influence, but the pancakes coming out of Sumner's truck, Caravan Crepes, aren't your typical French folds. A few, including the ham and gruyere or Nutella, do lean that way. But the remainders, like the best-selling Shorty's (roast chicken, sweet corn, spinach, manchego, and spicy harissa tomato sauce) and Elwha (braised collard greens, currant onion chutney, and a ricotta-manchego mix) are quirkier, hatched during months of experimentation between Sumner and friends. Others you might find? Brie, bacon, and peaches with a sweet onion chutney. Or a Maui cane sugar juiced with fresh lime.

In the pipeline is a menu of sides: a couple salads, such as chickpeas with heirloom tomatoes, mint, lemon, and Bulgarian feta; and seasonal soups "to satisfy the less than dry and warm Seattle winters we have grown all too accustomed to." Ingredients are organic and local, and Sumner plans to bolster that list as she meets more resident purveyors.

Monday and Tuesday Sumner is in SLU; Friday and Sunday in West Seattle. She hopes to secure a location in the northern reaches and Interbay soon. Follow Caravan Crepe's wanderings at caravanseattle.com.
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