Ruderman's mom adds Darcy Burner to daughter's enemies list.

Progress for Washington, the independent expenditure group that's being funded by 1st Congressional District candidate Laura Ruderman's mom, Margaret Rothschild, has hit again. And this time, they don't restrict the trash talking to Ruderman opponent Suzan DelBene.

The mailer—which features three generic donkeys on the front-side, the "loose cannon," the "DelRomney," and the "proven leader" and asks "Which Democrat will do the best job representing you in Congress?" shows Darcy Burner, DelBene, and Ruderman respectively on the back.

The mailer hits Burner for getting caught (in her losing 2008 Congressional run against US Rep. Dave Reichert) for fudging her college resume and for going off the reservation and trashing President Obama during last year's debt limit debate. (She's, evidently, the loose cannon.)

It hits DelBene, a wealthy former Microsoft exec for "exposed as being just like Mitt Romney" and it praises Ruderman as being the one candidate who can get things done.

Ruderman has already called on Progress for Washington to pull its anti-DelBene TV ad, which shows DelBene morphing into Romney.
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