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We shot the very first fashion editorial for Seattle Met Bride & Groom at the Ruins. Here’s my favorite shot, in my favorite room, from those pages.

One issue facing couples on a wedding-venue search is that of private clubs. Some of the city’s favorite locales are technically not open to the public—among them: the tony, preppy Tennis Club in Madison Park, the historic Rainier Club downtown, and the not-like-anything-else dinner club, the Ruins.

If you’re not a member, you might not even have these spots on your radar, and if they are on your radar, you may be unsure about how to get inside. Well listen up.

The Ruins is having their first ever wedding open house on Thursday June 21 from 5 until 8. Cost is $15 per person; for that you’ll explore the property’s quirky, romantically rococo rooms and enjoy food and cake samples while checking out the floral, tabletop, and decor options that come part-and-parcel with the property.

As Real Weddings couple Liesl Matthies and Jeremy Elson found, this is one of few Seattle ceremony and reception venues that comes almost fully "done." Storybook rooms and themed nooks and crannies mean flowers and good-looking guests are all you really have to add.

But you’d have to see it for yourself to really understand what that means—and you’ll want to be there with the Seattle wedding experts next week to find out how it might work for you.

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