Today's Winner: Suzan DelBene

The Washington Education Association, the state's teachers' union, endorsed Suzan DelBene in the crowded race for the 1st Congressional District.

Mary Lindquist, head of the WEA, said in a statement, "Suzan DelBene understands how crucial it is for us to invest in K-12 and higher education, both for the future of our students and the future of our country. We need more leaders like her in Congress."

The endorsement is big news for DelBene in advance of the  weekend's Washington State Labor Council endorsement meeting.

Today's Loser: Gay Marriage Platform

Following up this morning's Fizz, where we had the news that Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz had taken his name off the list of state party chairs who endorsed gay rights group Freedom to Marries "Democrats Say 'I Do'" campaign to make gay marriage part of the national Democratic Party platform, we asked Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee if he wanted Washington delegates to fight to make it part of the platform. (Pelz says he supports gay marriage and R-74, the gay marriage measure, but felt tricked by the group).

Washington State, after all, is ground zero right now for gay marriage and the voice of our Democratic Party leaders is sure to hold sway with the national party.

Inslee's spokeswoman Jaime Smith told us: "Jay has consistently supported marriage equality, will be voting to uphold Washington's new marriage equality law in November, and would support making it part of the national platform."

As for endorsing Freedom to Marry, the campaign Pelz disavowed, Smith said: "That I don't know specifically."
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