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A Lars Andersson burn-out sweater on sale at Blackbird.

It was a moment I couldn’t have made up if I tried: two devastatingly stylish dudes (one in perfect high-water raw denim jeans with an ever-so-slightly dropped crotch, the other in a pair of those new world sweats/long johns/stretchies that I love and fear in equal measure) hurriedly hipstering down Ballard Avenue while two cute but less assertively fashion-forward gals strolled in the opposite direction. Me, I was posted up against the side of a building waiting on a friend.

As the former passed me first and then the latter, one of the girls said to the other, ‘Oh, I think I got an email about a sale at Blackbird.

She probably did; the Ballard shop’s past-season goods got marked down online on April 13; the discounted goods show up in the shop on Thursday, April 19; the one-day sale begins at 8a and goes til 8p. You’ll probably see diehards the dudes I spotted the other day waiting around outside when the doors open.

Look for steals on lines like A.P.C., Obey, Tretorn, Robert Geller, and more.

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