Insert Kimberly Baker here.

WHERE: Madewell in University Village

WHAT: You can’t really say that Madewell’s slouchy urban-prep look is just the thing for Kimberly Baker’s iconic, narrative jewelry because the local jeweler’s gold-plated bunnies and historically minded tough-chic shapes lend themselves to so much more than college stripes, neon skinnies, and cuffed camo. But you can say that the two brands are a really nice match, and, in fact, this trunk show essentially says just that. When Baker’s new spring line will be shown alongside flowered boyfriend shirts and metallic wedges, you’ll hear the sentiment loud and clear.

Listen up for this, too: Take 20 percent off Kimberly Baker’s pieces, and Madewell purchases of $125 or more.

WHEN: Thursday, April 19 from 7 to 9

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