No, this isn’t Audrey Hepburn.

Still waiting for the Sartorialist to show up outside your door and capture that brilliant pencil-skirt-with-circle-top thing you came up with? Let us know how that works out…

In the meantime, you might consider heading to the Triple Door’s Musicquarium on Saturday, April 28 between 5 and 8 when former Seattleite Walter Grio, a fashion photographer based in the other Washington, brings his street style/fundraising District of Fashion concept home.

Here’s the deal: You buy a ticket, plan your best Mad Men–era outfit (photographers are art directors too, you see; they like having concepts and specific wardrobe direction to work with), and just saunter, glide, or otherwise January Jones your way through the doors, and Grio will snap your image as well as document the specifics of your look (“vintage wool skirt, Barneys Co-op cashmere sweater, grandma’s pearls, Marc Jacobs T-strap heels”) for the everyday lookbook section of his

Grio launched this District of Fashion concept on the other coast. As he was planning a visit to Seattle to see his family, he figured you might like it, too. I asked him where the original idea came from and here’s what he told me:

“The idea came to me in DC because I’ve always been interested in what people are wearing to events. I already take photos at events, so I just needed to do the extra step of writing down what they’re wearing. The launch event generated $2,800 for the Shoot for Change Scholarship, a fund I setup with the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre.”

For the Seattle event, ticket sale proceeds go to the locally based Down Syndrome Community because Grio has a friend here whose son has Down Syndrome. The second beneficiary is the Ruby Room Seattle, which his sister recommended.

In addition to trying out the whole red carpet thing and having your look documented for posterity and charity, you might also just look at all of this as a fun night out. Locally based online retailer Vue Society will be on hand with a pop-up of sorts (proceeds also benefit the above nonprofits), and Mode Organic Salon donated a $500 gift certificate as a raffle prize.

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