The Tokyo Dog design is by Allison Torneros, whose handiwork also graces California’s Nom Nom Truck. Photo via Facebook.

Parked alongside Crisp Creperie at last weekend’s Fremont Sunday Market was another newcomer, Tokyo Dog. Unlike other hot dog vendors in this city, who so far have stuck to sidewalk carts, T-Dog is a full-blown mobile operation.

The offerings aren’t unlike the ones one might find at the ridiculously popular JapaDog in Vancouver (or locally, Gourmet Dog Japon), but with the occasional American influences. For instance, the signature Tokyo Dog, a smoked cheese bratwurst, is embellished with Japanese mayo, furikake, tonkatsu sauce, grilled onions, and bacon bits. On the beefy Shibuya: grilled onions, teriyaki, miso mayo, and seaweed. All the wieners are sourced locally from Bavarian Meats.

There are also shoestring fries. They come seasoned with sea salt, the kicky spice schchimi, or nori and with one of four dipping sauces (more mayos, more tonkatsu sauce).

Tokyo Dog is the outfit of Eugene Woo, an outspoken fan of the aforementioned JapaDog. He first test-ran his franks at the Bite of Seattle in 2010, where he sold more than 1,900 of them in three days. In August of last year good friend Samson Kwong came on board. They initially intended to launch a cart "but the big thing right now seems like food trucks." Indeed.

Both have full-time day jobs, so for now are planning to only shill on weekends, at the Fremont Sunday Market. They are in the process of recruiter staffers and in a month or so hope to park in Wallingford, the Starbucks and Microsoft HQs, and possibly South Lake Union.

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