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Seattle Times: If Sun Liquor's Erik Chapman had a TV show, one might be tempted to call him the eggnog whisperer. He ages his for 30 days; it's been known to sell out in 40 minutes. Tan Vinh even got the recipe. —Allecia Vermillion

GQ and New York: The magazines’ dueling profiles of chef Danny Bowien, the 30-year-old wunderkind behind Manhattan’s Mission Chinese Food, cut separate paths to the same fiery conclusion. GQ pays homage to the psychedelic, drug-addled reportage of the 1960s and ’70s, starting with its title, “Danny and the Electric Kung Pao Pastrami Test” (evoking Tom Wolfe’s similar-sounding 1968 book), and its first line, “We were somewhere around mapo, on the edge of the catfish, when the peppercorns began to take hold” (a word-for-word copy, give or take a drug and food reference, of the first line of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.) New York takes an approach more familiar to chowhounds versed in restaurant crit, though it doesn’t flinch from punking Mission Chinese’s boho vibe (the author describes one patron as “a fellow with a cotton kimono, complicated piercings, and a leg cast—the result, one feels safe assuming, of a fixed-gear bicycle incident”). Both mags agree that Bowien, like David Chang before him, is the chef of the moment. But the GQ piece will likely appeal to Seattleites the most, if only for its postprandial, end-of-story surprise: a cameo from David Lynch’s Northwest-y Twin Peaks in the restaurant’s lavatory. —James Ross Gardner

Time: The blogosphere’s all a-twitter over TV doc Mehmet Oz’s cover story debunking the nutritional superiority of fresh food. For foodies it’s the Stanford Organic Food Study all over again—and Oz must be in bed with Big Ag!—but despite its narrow purview (and the fact that you’ll scream at him six times before you’ve turned the first page), the piece brings a little solace and real-world nutritional counsel to those who can’t afford organic this or free-range that.  Subscription required.  —Kathryn Robinson 

Lifehacker: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes in the two-pizza rule…any project team that can't be fed by two pizzas is too large, hence not sufficiently creative or productive. Bezos did not specify which pizzas he uses for his metric, but two pizzas from nearby Serious Pie would make for a small team, indeed.  —Allecia Vermillion

Food Beast: Just in time for Christmas, you can buy "Eau de Pizza Hut" perfume for any pizza lover on your list. Pizza Hut Canada decided to make the pepperoni fragrance to reward its 100,000 Facebook fans, but only a lucky 110 will actually received a bottle. If you're sad you missed it, marketing director Beverley D'Cruz didn't deny the possibility of a larger production of the perfume. Mm, I just love that cheesy pizza smell on my man when I snuggle up to him. Who wouldn't? —Sabina Cao

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