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Smoked Paprika Cheddar Croissant at Crumble and Flake

Image: Lorna Yee

Okay, so it’s not precisely a “dish.” On the other hand, nothing else on this list has people waiting in line at 6:30am.

Take the flakiest croissant you’ve had, then multiply by four. Note the perfect butter quotient—not too much, most assuredly not too little. Appreciate the mouth-filling cheddar; the Spanish paprika which lends the kind of smokiness bacon-lovers adore.

Then extrapolate across the range of pastry chef Neil Robertson’s offerings at Crumble and Flake. Honestly, I kind of picked this croissant out of a hat; I happen to love it, but it’s no more worthy than anything else I’ve sampled at this tiny bakery on Olive. And arrive early; many items, like the smoked paprika cheddar croissant, sell out.

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