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December 21st marked the official first day of winter, but we've been feeling the chill for weeks. And a sure indicator that warm sunny days are long gone? Our summer glow has been slowly replaced by dry and dull winter skin.

To try and combat this seasonal problem, we tried out Issaquah-based HydroPeptide's Instant Peptide Miracle Mask.

The kaolin clay mask is formulated with peptides and natural enzymes that help to gently remove dead skin cells while boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines. Replacing other harsh chemical ingredients, peptides are made of tiny protein fragments that increase cellular communication in the skin, thus promoting collagen production and softening wrinkles.

Following the directions, we applied a thin layer of the mask and then sat quietly for 10 minutes while our face tingled and tightened as the enzymes ate up dead skin cells. Once time was up, we wiped off the mask with a warm washcloth and that was that. Pretty easy.

While we can't speak to its antiaging benefits, the mask did leave us with brighter, hydrated skin for several days. And considering it only takes 10 minutes, once a week, this is a product regime we'll be sticking to.

To reclaim your own summer glow, find the Miracle Mask for $46 online or at local spas and retailers like Radiant MedSpa and Wink Lash Extensions.

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