There's a shelf in my closet full of heels that only ever show up in a suitcase headed to somewhere where I don't travel from place to place primarily on foot—typically during a downpour. And here in Seattle, once the rain starts my footwear wardrobe becomes one thing and one thing only: boots. Tall boots, ankle boots, studded boots, desert boots. Anything to keep my feet dry.

So when I saw the heeled Sorel Medina rain boot at downtown's Columbia Sportswear I had to wonder, is this the best of both worlds, or the worst?


Both Marc Jacobs and Hunter have heeled versions of the classic boot, and styled here on New York Magazine's blog the Sorel pair looks quite appealing.

So what's your take? Do you think the high-heeled rain boot is a stylish solution to this season?

Or are we Seattleites so committed to things being practical that it trumps being chic? Considering the massive popularity of the Isabela Marant hidden-wedge platform sneakers this year, are we all moving away from sky-high stilettos and into a world where function meets form in fashion?

Take to the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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