Have you noticed? There's a new concept installed in the little anteshop attached to north side of Blackbird. The add-on, called the Aviary, is all about fostering creativy. But we'll revisit that, and meet the guy doing the fostering, after the new year.

What you need to know right now is that the small space is full of really good last minute gift ideas that don't need batteries but do need hands and minds and ideas and wonder. Whether you're giving them to someone who is 5 or 50.

Remember those sun-exposed prints you made with leaves and sea shells and your string bikini top in camp, a million years ago? The paper is still available; you can get a pack for less than ten bucks in Ballard.

You're right to ask about a sunny-day activity in this rainy season. But look on the bright side: we're due one of those golden, light-drenched winter afternoons any old time now, and when it comes, you, and your giftee, will have just what you need to get creative with it.



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