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Guys like to carry stuff. I've gone on record as being anti-man purse, but I'd never come between a dude and his right to pack what he needs for the day. (I'm simply an advocate of keeping it manly.) The male bag world can be a little limiting, but it doesn't seem that way when you're on the Glaswing site.

There's the all-purpose tote and, from Colorado's excellent Topo Designs, the made-in-America urban backpack. (You can tell it's urban because it's got a laptop sleeve, and because it's camo—once an outdoors-only pattern, sure, but now the most touted trend for spring/summer '13.)

But I'm feeling partial to this camera cooler from Poler. It's for a camera, it's for a six-pack. It's for his lunch, his keys, and his favorite novel. And at $60, it's appropriate on many levels.

The camera bag, which doubles as a beer bag and triples as just about anything else, is available at Glasswing, a Seattle-based online store (for now).

For more on Glasswing, guys, and the bags they carry in this neck of the woods, check out this Ross Lake video by Patrick Wright on the shop's blog. 


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