Up-to-the-Minute Food News

Cooper and Kotrla spent months and months perfecting the recipes for their five-inch pies. Photo via 314pieseattle.com

Among the vendors slated to partake in downtown's new food truck pod is 314 Pie, the Kickstarter-backed outfit of Casey Cooper and Deke Kotrla. Starting November 14, they'll dish out handmade Aussie-style meat pies on Wednesdays from 11 to 2. But first the truck needs to open. 

That happens in a matter of days—hooray—when on the 8th the duo parks on Harrison between Boren and Fairview. For opening day, Cooper and Kotrla have planned a menu of steak and onion (and steak, onion, and mushroom); chicken, bacon, and cheese; lamb and rosemary with potatoes; and vegetable curry. For dessert there's apple pie and chocolate chip cookies.

Kotrla says the truck will to continue serve South Lake Union on Thursdays for the rest of November. Same goes for its Wednesday shift in the pod at Second and Pike. Other locales are in the works. "We plan to add new spots throughout the month as we find them."

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