Rain City Drip: more coffee, less sweet. Photo courtesy Cory Duffy.

Seattle does coffee, and Seattle does spirits. It was only a matter of time before someone had the good sense to merge our penchant for the two.

Cue Cory Duffy, whose latest release from Rain City Spirits, the appropriately titled Drip, does just that. Duffy describes the liqueur as "similar to Kahlua but"—thank goodness—"focused more on the coffee and less on the sweetness."

The coffee quotient comes from Caffe Vita’s Queen City blend, which is cold brewed to impart maximum flavor. After soaking in chilled water for 16 hours, the concentrate is filtered then blended with Rain City vodka and "a touch" of housemade simple syrup. The result: "It reminds me of an iced Americano with a kick."

Starting next week Drip will show up at the mega retailers—Total Wine and More, BevMo!, Esquin, Wine World—as well as local stores and a few grocers including Metropolitan Market and Matthew’s Thriftway. A bottle runs between $20 and $22.

Duffy's distributor, Noble Wines Ltd., recently recruited Erik Hakkinen of Zig Zag to help push local distillers like Rain City. In other words, expect to see Drip soon in local restaurants and bars.

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