Wontons drummed up at the Seattle Underground Market. Photo via Facebook.

The first Underground Market generated plenty of controversy, but that—nor a potential slap on the wrist from the health department—hasn't stopped Michaela Graham from organizing several more of the hush-hush events. In fact, Graham is in the process of planning another to take place December 16.  

This most recent one, her fourth in Seattle, is a Sunday brunch from noon to 3. Graham is partnering with photographer Paula Thomas to incorporate a "food porn" exhibit, and is lining up 30 to 40 new vendors.

The idea with these roving markets—in which locations are disclosed the day before to members who sign up on the Underground Market website—is to help fledgling chefs find their footing. The Spoon Project, the ice cream venture of Harvest Vine owner Carolin Messier and pastry chef Amelia Cullinan, debuted at a recent market. The reception was great, the duo would later report. Another vendor, Drummin' Up Wontons, has found similar success, says Graham, and is hoping to parlay the experience into a food truck.

The concept of Seattle Underground Market isn't exactly kosher with the health department (hence that potential slap on the wrist). Even so, Graham reports inspectors have paid her a visit and chose not to shut down the operation.

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