Koh Gen Do is an Olympia-based, Japanese-formulated line of high-definition cosmetics and skin care originally developed by an actress wanting to protect her skin from harsh makeup on set. The line has since evolved, alongside technology, into a high-definition collection of skin-benefiting foundations, primers, mineral powders, and concealers. The products have been used on the set of hundreds of TV shows and films, from Parks and Recreation to The Avengers

We tested out the Maifanshi color base, liquid treatment concealer, aqua foundation, natural lighting powder, and cleansing water makeup remover to see if Koh Gen Do stands up to its star power.

I first applied the blendable yellow color base that serves to even skin tone and smooth the appearance of skin, then tapped on the highlighting concealer to minimize dark circles and touch up any blemishes. I topped it off with the translucent aqua foundation, made with deep-sea waters and an innovative light-diffusion technology, and the slightly shimmery microfine mineral powder.

After a few days of thinking the makeup was fine, but no better or worse than other high-definition lines, I saw a photo of myself and thought, "Who is that girl with the glowing, even skin tone?" I officially understand why Koh Gen Do does so well on television and in movies: It truly leaves you with a star-quality complexion—on camera at least.

My favorite Koh Gen Do product by far was the cleansing water makeup remover. The popular product (the Glee makeup artists allegedly have to hide the cleansing wipes from the cast) leaves skin feeling fresh and removes makeup easily with no harsh scrubbing. For someone who goes to sleep with a full face of cosmetics more often than not, an quick solution like this is a god-send.

Find the full Koh Gen Do line at the downtown Barneys for $13 to $62, or try the collection with a free, no-pressure makeup demo with the brand's artist each Friday and Saturday by appointment. Then it'll be time for your close up.

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