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A friend of mine Instagrammed some lit candles with a cup of coffee on a recent dark, gray, rainy Saturday morning and I realized that this time of year, little warming flames are not just for the evening.

Cozy, thoughtfully scented candles feel like a sound investment right about now, bonus points for a local one like Harman London's "Ochre" from the Wit Collection. 

Now, there is no shortage of locally made candles around here but much in the same way that we have "nice" jeans and maybe a "special" handbag for particular occasions, this Olympia-created soy variety warrants a certain status.

The packaging is terrific, the lightly woodsy citrus, musk, and herb-y florals are low-key but totally alluring, and the design, message, and materials make sense in our world. You'll want to light it all the time, but you'll also enjoy exercising restraint--just never on dark gloomy mornings.

The company makes equally smart, sensitive skin care products and room diffusers; the best place to get them is the Harman London website, and Bedecked and Bejeweled on November 13.



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