Up-to-the-Minute Food News

A cavalcade of bagels (seen here at the Capitol Hill store) now awaits on Stone Way. Photo via Eltana.

 Wood-fired bagelry Eltana opened its doors today at 3920 Stone Way N, at the border of Fremont and Wallingford. Owner Stephen Brown reports that the new location has the same menu and a similar feel to the original store in the Packard Building on Capitol Hill, complete with a communal table, a similar number of seats, and bagels being fired in the oven.  

A piece of Justin Kane Elder artwork at the original Eltana morphed into a giant crossword puzzle, and the new location expands on that theme with that Brown calls a “five-day interactive experience”—an art installation that presents a new challenge each week, and a new daily clue leading up to the end-of-week reveal. Speaking of Elder, you can also see his work down the street, where Joule and The Whale Wins just opened in the Fremont Collective.

In 2013, Eltana will debut a covered patio with even more seating. Meanwhile, a lot of more than 30 covered parking spaces might be of interest. The Stone Way bagelry is open every day from 7 to 5.

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