One Pot, back in the day. Photo via Facebook.

Time was One Pot, the conversation-sparking, food-art-music mashups spotlighting burgeoning local talent, happened with impressive frequency—one took place seemingly every week. Organized by Michael Hebb, the forum spawned a spinoff, the New Guard dinner series, and the Night School collaboration with Sorrento Hotel. Then it all but dropped out of conversation. 

Now, One Pot is back—at least we think so. Earlier this week, Hebb circulated an email (it's somewhat of a head-scratcher) explaining the absence and what the future holds. 

"We have been focusing our table on global innovation—and have spent the past year (or two) buzzing around the U.S. gathering thought leaders whilst feasting and provoking intense discourse. It has been a terrific year," Hebb writes in the email.

A fellowship at the University of Washington has had Hebb exploring the dinner table, dialogue, and the digital age (he recounts his experience thus far here), and how they intermingle. He's taking the discussion to the Olson Kundig storefront for a series titled "Let's Have Dinner and Talk About Death." 

"The goal is to change the national discourse about how we die, and conversely how we live—via eating and thinking and talking and sharing" (see head-scratcher comment). 

Hebb also is scheduled to partake in the On the Boards supper series later this month.   

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