Up-to-the-Minute Food News

Lunchtime just got better. A new food truck pod is congregating at Second and Pike in Downtown Seattle. Photo courtesy 2ndandpikeeats.com

In the years since street food has taken hold in Seattle, the parking lot at Second and Pike has accommodated various trucks at various times. There's been Maximus Minimus, Street Donuts, Dog Japon. Now the corner is positioned to become even more of a go-to for the curbside community.  

Amy Novak, who helped wrangle the wildly popular pod in South Lake Union, is organizing something similar for the downtown intersection. She's tapped more than a dozen trucks to park there starting next month for shifts both day and night. Up to three of them will serve at any given time alongside Dog Japon, a longtime occupant of the lot. The development is an exciting one, considering food trucks (aside from the ones above and Fusion on the Run) have largely steered clear of the central core. Update 11/5: Novak says the pod begins Thursday, November 8.

The roster is a reliable mix of cuisines and experience—familiar names such as Buns and Here and There plus more recent additions like Urban Nomad and Lucky Devil Doughnut Co. Also be on the lookout for the yet-to-debut 314 Pie. Visit 2ndandpikeeats.com for the full list and schedule.

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