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Yes, we get it. It rains a lot here. Image via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

 Top Chef host and professional sexy person Padma Lakshmi is out on the talk show circuit, promoting the debut of the Seattle season next week. Last night she managed to catch a plane out of Florida, where she was campaigning for President Obama, to chat it up with Jimmy Fallon sans studio audience. “I’d never been to Seattle before, and I knew it was really famous for the seafood,” Lakshmi told Fallon. The host in turn offered up that trinity of Seattle stereotypes, “coffee, rain, and grunge music”.

Speaking of rain, the duo obviously discussed Hurricane Sandy, and the onslaught happening outside Fallon’s studio. Lakshmi said she has been busy making meatballs, but joked that her stint in Seattle prepared her for the weather outside: “I’m very chill about the hurricane…all summer, that’s what I did.” Current weather aside, that seems a little harsh, no?

Here's the video clip; Eater has the first non-Seattle snippet of her interview as well. And thanks, Lindsay, for the tip.

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