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In case you needed another reason to shop at Nordstrom, they have now joined the ever-growing number of Washington businesses supporting marriage equality in the upcoming election. Along with megacompanies like Amazon and Starbucks, and smaller shops like Fancy and SugarPill Apothecary, the downtown-based retailer is officially in favor of Referendum 74, which will grant same-sex couples all the rights and privileges (and, let's face it, hardships) of marriage that couples of different genders currently enjoy.

The retailer's presidents Blake, Pete, and Erik Nordstrom shared their support in a company-wide email saying, "It is our belief that our gay and lesbian employees are entitled to the same rights and protections marriage provides under the law as our other employees. We also believe supporting freedom to marry will help us create a more attractive and inclusive workplace for our current and prospective employees."

You can read the full text of the memo here.

A recent poll shows voters in favor of r-74 by a 51-37 percent margin, with 12 percent undecided. Fingers crossed, this is going to happen—but every vote will count.

It's an amazing moment for human rights in our state, and we're looking forward to seeing social equality enacted in Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota as they too go to the polls next month to vote on the issue. Here's to hoping marriage wins this election day.

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