Seattle's News Elixir


1. A federal appeals court has ruled that a Seattle law allowing residents to opt out of Yellow Pages delivery violates phone-book companies' inalienable First Amendment right to dump litter on your doorstep, the AP reports

2. Gay-rights blog Towleroad highlights an ad a bunch of local corporations—including Nordstrom, Amazon, Starbucks, and Vulcan—took out in the Seattle Times supporting Referendum 74, the marriage equality referendum. Their argument: Marriage equality is good for Washington State's economy. 

"Economists have projected that allowing same-sex couples to marry will add $88 million to our state’s economy before 2015," the ad says. "We support allowing all loving, committed couples the freedom to marry because it means every employee is treated fairly, it helps our competitivebusiness advantage and is good for our state’s economy." 

3. In dual Q&As with the Everett Herald, 1st Congressional District candidates Suzan DelBene, a Democrat, and her Republican opponent John Koster explain how they would balance infrastructure needs in the district with the need to come up with a balanced budget. DelBene says she'd end the Bush tax cuts for high wage earners; Koster says he would reduce the cost of infrastructure improvements by getting rid of unnecessary regulations. 

4. On her blog, city council member Sally Bagshaw says she voted to restrict city candidates' ability to raise money, in part, because dialing for dollars "makes me feel frankly unclean." 

5. The Vancouver Columbian endorses Mitt Romney for President. "Romney lacks Obama's credentials and experience in foreign policy. But he better understands how an economic recovery is powered by an incentivized private sector, not a bloated bureaucracy."

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