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Fashion as conceptual art? Yeah, sign us up.

As part of the ongoing City Arts Fest, Baby and Co's Jill Donnelly, Lingo Dance's KT Niehoff, and Cornish-trained musician Ivory Smith present Emerald City; I Have to Be Seen in Green, a specially constructed universe of music, style, and performance on Saturday, October 20.

These things are better left underexplained (by the artists themselves, and by those of us trying to get you to go), but suffice it to say: Donnelly, as a shopkeeper and community taste shaper, is commited to being new, different, and exciting, and we got an email from her last week after she had seen some initial run-throughs. If Donnelly's excited, we're excited. 

The show happens multiple times throughout the evening; the intention is that many people can go, become immersed, and proceed on with their evenings. (Our intention: you can go to this and EMP's leather runway show.) And check this: until you buy your way into it, the location is a secret.

Tickets are available via City Arts; once you purchase one, all shall be revealed.



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