Flying Squirrel’s new #7. Photo: Brian Vescovi.

If you’ve ever partaken of the fabulous pizzas at Flying Squirrel Pizza Co., you may have noticed the menu of numbered pies lacks a no. 7. Much like some superstitious building owners eliminate the 13th floor, the menu skips from pizza no. 6 (potato and blue cheese, my personal favorite) to no. 8 (mozzarella, arugula and runny egg).

No more. The three-location Seattle pizzeria has introduced a meatball pie to fill the seven-spot that has lain dormant for three years. When Flying Squirrel opened its Seward Park location in 2008, a vegan pizza occupied no. 7, says manager Brian Vescovi. But animal-eschewing patrons preferred to design their own vegetable combo pies, and so one day the vegan pie just quietly slipped off the menu, along with its assigned number.

“The no. 7 just ceased to exist and the reputation became like that of Sasquatch or something,” says Vescovi. “People swore they had seen it on the menu again sometimes,” though such sightings were never confirmed.

About a month ago, chef/owner Bill Coury and cook Cody Perez brainstormed a meatball pizza recipe, something Flying Squirrel had never done before. Taste testers deemed the pie worthy of occupying the mythical no. 7 slot. Let’s hope they also enjoyed the irony of a meatball pie replacing a vegan one.

The meatballs are made in house with veal and grass-fed beef, and keep company with fresh mozzarella, basil, parmigiano-reggiano and the Squirrel’s tomato sauce. Since the kitchen can only make so many meatballs, usually fewer than a dozen of these pizzas are available each night. They aren’t nearly as rare as a Sasquatch sighting, but rare enough that the suckers kept selling out rapidly night after night before Vescovi had a chance to take a photo for me.

The new no. 7 is available at all three locations and will run you $19.50. Also, hooray, Flying Squirrel will let you order a half-meatball pie.

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