From the Iva Jean website: “Continuing a legacy of timeless outerwear products produced in the Pacific Northwest, the Rain Cape was designed and made in Seattle, a place more than used to a little rain.”

To be perfectly honest with you, I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say, "I saw it on Daily Candy."

The once ubiquitous email update brand dramatically decreased its local staffing and presence years ago, but a Seattle designer managed to bring those two words back into my lexicon. At least temporarily. Ann DeOtte of Iva Jean is a contest with—get this—a rain cape.

It wouldn’t have caught DC’s eye, or ours, if it were just a rain cape though. DeOtte’s all-weather, on-trend design is geared toward bikers (so Northwest) and it’s good looking (think that piping is just for pop? nah, c’mon, it’s for added visibility on fog-socked rain-clouded days).

Here, three questions for DeOtte. When you’re done reading them, head to the Daily Candy site and vote for Iva Jean (and Seattle!) on the Daily Candy contest page. Voting ends September 14; winners are announced September 16. And reannounced here shortly thereafter. We’ll keep you updated.

WWW: What came first, biking or designing? Do you have a design background?
AD: I have always loved creating, but my passion for design really started to grow when I moved to Seattle over six years ago. I started working as a marketing coordinator and graphic designer for a landscape architecture firm and really immersed myself in the design community. I began making jewelry, screenprinting and other small items, as well as started a design and lifestyle blog, Still Dottie. While all of this is happening, I gave up my car and opted to rely on my bike to get around town. My interests in bike culture and design started growing together and I would spend my time on my bike thinking about how I could merge my interests.

What made you want to enter Daily Candy’s contest?
A couple of friends forwarded the announcement and I just got a feeling that this is one contest I could win. I thought that it might be the break I needed and that it would be a great way to continue to promote a lifestyle that encourages casual biking.

If you won and were able to go to New York and learn from industry insiders and take full advantage of Daily Candy’s Academy, where do you imagine taking your line? What other items do you see yourself designing?
I’m currently working with a group in Seattle to develop a couple more products. Right now, the focus is on clothing that works on and off your bike. I’m really fascinated with the idea of creating a skirt that works in all situations.

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