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1. President Obama was in town for two fundraisers yesterday. One at the private Medina home of former Microsoft exec Jon Shirley and then an event—$100 to  $38,500 to get in—at the Paramount.

Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner has a report here.

Outside the Paramount, the president was greeted with hundreds of protesters—from the left and right. We'd say that means Obama doing a good job because many of the protesters were from the fringe of both sides (a block away on Olive a stern man hoisting a red-and-yellow hammer and sickle communist flag stood protesting as he was eyed by two county sheriffs), but local unions and district Democrat organizations were also in the angry crowd.

2. Incumbent King County Council member Jane Hague, a Republican, canceled on the Greater Seattle Business Association's candidate forum on Friday night. (The GSBA is the the local LGBT business association.) [pullquote]At the last minute, sources at GSBA say, Hague told the group "she has a conflict."[/pullquote]

Hague is in a tough race with Democrat Richard Mitchell, who outscored Hague on SEAMAC's ratings this year (SEAMAC is the local gay organization that rates candidates.) Mitchell, an attorney with Summit Law and former General Counsel to Gov. Chris Gregoire, got a 3 out of a possible 5 rating and Hague got a 2.

At the last minute, sources at GSBA say, Hague told the group "she has a conflict."

3. In case you missed it: Late Friday, we broke the news that Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has adamantly refused to take take up Democratic Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark's case against an Okanogan County utility to stop the utility from using public land, is doing a fundraiser hosted by the utility's law firm in the case, Foster Pepper.

We called McKenna's campaign for a comment, but never heard back.

However, Washington State Democratic Party spokeswoman Reesa Kossoff told us:
This shows a serious lack of judgement from Rob McKenna, and raises a new slate of questions about whether he is trying to circumvent the will of the Supreme Court in order to appease his campaign backers.  McKenna has a choice - play politics, or represent the interests of Washingtonians.

4. Mayor Mike McGinn is releasing his budget this morning. We'll have full coverage. In the mean time, Jonah has the numbers on the public safety portion of McGinn's proposal.
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