Up-to-the-Minute Food News

Do it to it: Seattleites are poised to show a whole host on new sandwiches who’s boss.

Photo: Daddydetails.com

Long-awaited Li’l Woody’s opens today on Capitol Hill, where it is now offering Painted Hills-beef burgers, milkshakes with Molly Moon’s ice cream, fries, and onion rings. Here’s what it looks like inside.

This weekend or maybe Monday marked the opening of Broadway’s Grubwich, the new sandwich joint in the former home of Pita Pit. The Stranger says sandwiches cost $7 and include a steak ’wich with chimichurri sauce and another with eggplant. Also: hand-cut fries.

Also serving up sandwiches is the Shop Agora’s new location on 15th Avenue E. Owner Nikos Spiliopoulos was particularly excited about the duck sandwich, but call ahead to see if it’s on the menu. The retail shop is taking the baby steps approach to its fresh food menu.

Grace Kitchen, the brand-new U-Village eatery developed under the guiding hand of Poppy’s Jerry Traunfeld (see Eater Seattle for details), has a chicken sandwich inspired by the increasingly ubiquitous bahn mi, reports Eater.

Columbia City’s new sandwich emporium Chelsea Deli got a mostly glowing review recently from the Stranger’s Paul Constant, who appears to be branching out of his books beat to become something of a sandwich specialist. "Most of Chelsea’s work is truly memorable," reports Constant, who took advantage of the review space to rail against corporate entities Potbelly and Subway.

Over yonder in the so-called center of the universe, Dot’s Delicatessen has started showcasing its meats in sandwiches, including a reuben with housemade pastrami and a BLT with bacon smoked on the premises.

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