King County Council member Reagan Dunn is reportedly putting the screws on fellow council Republicans Kathy Lambert and Jane Hague to either change their vote in favor of a proposed two-year $20 vehicle license fee to preserve Metro transit service, or to support restoring the downtown Ride-Free Area, which would be eliminated under an agreement to pass the fee announced last week. (The fee must be approved by a six-member supermajority of the council).

The council was supposed to vote on the fee around 1:30 this afternoon, but went into a "ten-minute recess" at around 2:00 and has not yet emerged from behind closed doors at council chambers.

Lambert and Hague were initially opposed to adopting the fee, but changed their minds after reaching an agreement that includes eliminating the ride-free area, which will save the county $2.2 million a year, last week.
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