Chickens roast at Tom Douglas’s Seatown.

When Seattle Met critic Kathryn Robinson wrote of Tom Douglas’s Seatown Seabar in her 2010 Best Restaurants roundup, she made mention of the swoon-worthy foods on offer at Seatown’s neighboring to-go counter: “English muffin sandwiches by morning, then creamy turkey potpies and Southern corn grits and fragrant rotisserie chickens, and chocolate chip cookies for after.”

But as Hanna Raskin reported several weeks ago, the takeout branch is now operating on a stripped-down scale, so some of said chow is no longer available. One bit of info Raskin didn’t mention, however: its new name, Rub With Love Shack.

Seatown general manager Gretchen Geisness says the moniker has been in place since the beginning of June. While chickens and three sandwiches—a turkey, barbecue, and porchetta variety—can still be ordered on the fly, the changeover makes way for a dedicated retail outlet for the entire Tom Douglas product line. Fifteen of the eponymous meat, poultry, and seafood rubs, four sauces, and two gift sets are in stock.

Why the rebranding? Geisness said TD’s team wanted to create a distinction between the sit-down restaurant and its sidekick—customers couldn’t tell one from the other, she noted. She added the Shack now has a “warehouse-y” feel and picnic benches out front.

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