A new Elway Poll shows Washington voters support legalizing pot 54 to 43 percent. However, the 54 number includes 24 percent who were "inclined to support, but needed to know more."

Voters were polled about a scheme—similar to a measure being pushed by an ACLU-backed group—to tax pot. Elway notes:
The prospect of state taxation had the effect of firming 57%  of those inclined to support but “need to know more.”

The ballot box pattern in pot battles goes like this: Law enforcement gets vocal in the last few weeks of typical campaigns, creating doubts in those softer voters initially inclined to support legalization. That's what happened in California last year. But if the pro side has enough money to go up on TV they can counter those doubts and hold on and keep ultimate support above 50 percent.

The survey of 408 Washington voters  was done between June 28 and 30 and has a 5 percent margin of error.
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