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The current issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom is on stands now. You could be in the next issue, if you follow these Real Weddings guidelines.

The new issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom has been out for almost a month now—more than long enough to generate a new round of feverish queries regarding those pages known as Real Weddings.

Here’s what you need to know about getting in to the next issue.

1. Plan the wedding that only you could plan. Don’t worry so much about trends or tradition; do what feels right to you and what will look beautiful and be completely captivating when guests walk into the room. On one hand, consider your wedding a dinner party, the most special and well-produced one you’ve ever thrown. On the other, think about immersive environments that inspire indelible memories.

2. Hire a detail-oriented photographer who will capture the little thoughtful moments, smart and stylish tabletop and decor elements, and the big three: flowers, dessert, and dinner (or breakfast, appetizers, whatever)—not just posed shots. Gather about 25 images that are similar in subject matter to the ones we tend to print in the magazine and online (ie: they illustrate the ceremony, show off the wedding party’s grand style, and point out what was brilliant at the reception: the tables, the printed matter, the favors, the overall venue), and reference our submission guidelines for final instructions.If and when we like what we see, we’ll send the couple a Q and A to complete, and we’ll request a full set of high res images.

3. Get submissions in by October 18. We’ve already received lots of great submissions but we want to make sure we have all the best events to choose from so get your best bets in soon. We only have so many pages for Real Weddings in each issue, and considering how many beautiful weddings were orchestrated in the last year, they do go fast.

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