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The reports the first set of fundraising numbers in the governor's race, with Rob McKenna slightly ahead of Jay Inslee, $667,920 to $513,000.

We'll add this: Inslee has slightly more cash on hand: $491,976 to McKenna's $478,153. (Also: Inslee has $53,000 in debt and McKenna has no debt.)

We also scanned through both candidates' top contributors. There were a couple of noteworthy contributions on McKenna's ledger: $3,200 from the infamously anti-union Wal-Mart---direct from company headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas; $1,600 from Tim Eyman's big funder Mike Dunmire; and $2,250 from Eastside developers Bob Wallace and Kevin Wallace. Wallace has been accused of a conflict of interest involving the route light rail will take through South Bellevue. Wallace himself has given $250. Contributions in state races are limited to $1,600 for individuals, per election.

With an eye for all the biotech and green companies that Inslee hypes on the campaign trail, we didn't find any noteworthy donors on Inslee's report.

Last month, after his kickoff we found that Targeted Growth, Inc.'s lobbying firm was a contributor to Inslee at the federal level. Inslee's Seattle kickoff was at the company's South Lake Union headquarters.

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