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The lewd tweet sent from US Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) twitter account showcasing a bulging pair of boxer briefs, to a local college student, Gennette  Cordova, has stirred up the national and local press. In fact, we're all, PubliCola included, trying to reach her on twitter.

Cordova—she and Weiner follow each other—says Weiner has never sent her a harassing message and  issued a formal statement dismissing the tweet as a prank after the story was originally published in the New York Daily News. Today, the New York Times has a story up  him noting another recent oddity: Weiner can't say whether or not the photo is of himself.

Weiner claims his site was hacked, probably by right wingers—and the lefty blog DailyKos provides some backup on that score.

After wiping her social media accounts clean (deleting her Facebook and Twitter accounts) Cordova, who goes to Whatcom Community College, has opened another Twitter account, and the press is using her new handle to send inquiries.

Local AP Reporter Manuel Valdes tweeted Cordova earlier today:
@GennetteC Hi Gennette, I'm a reporter for the AP in Seattle. I realize this is 1 of many inquiries, but would you be willing to talk to us?

And national Politico bigwig blogger Ben Smith commented on her statement: "Doubt a PR pro would have done better." He followed up:
@GennetteC Though I was curious as to why it wound up in the NYDN.

Cordova's response, explaining how NYDN reporter Alison Gendar got the story:
@benpolitico Gendar was pretty aggressive. I contacted her so she'd stop calling my friends....

Meanwhile, Big Hollywood writer Ezra Dulis weighs in:
Congressman Weiner needs to halt the media harassment of @GennetteC, her friends & family. Just have Twitter/Yfrog corroborate his story.

My message asked her to respond this follow-up editorial in the New York Post which pointed out how odd it is that Weiner follows a 21-year-old college student 3000 miles away as one of his just 200 Twitter pals.
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