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The beach? Who goes to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle? Come hang out with us at Barneys. We can all try this color-blocked A.P.C. dress on. (One at a time, please.)

Yeah, you could invite a person to Sasquatch for Memorial Day weekend. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Here’s hoping that those of you who are into clothes, will appreciate this invite from yours truly and Barneys New York.

This Saturday May 28 from 1 to 4, we’d like it if you hung out with me in the Co-Op department on the second floor of the downtown shop and checked out brand new pieces by Etoile by Isabel Marant, A.L.C., Rag & Bone, and more while taking advantage of lemon-lime vodka spritzers and fully loaded gift bags.

You see, the staff at Barneys asked me to curate a couple racks of my favorite things, and then be available should you enjoy the collaboration of a like-minded clothes hunter. Figure on a day of trying out new styles, trying on new looks, and (here’s where those cocktails might come in extra handy) getting some great new ideas while others do the same.

Figure on saving a little money maybe, too. Or, well … spending some free money. If you took advantage of that whole Purple Card thing a while back, this is your chance to redeem those bonus bucks.

Speaking of bonus: Customers who make a purchase get a $25 voucher from our friends at the nearby Sassoon salon.

Just keep in mind, there is no Barneys at the Gorge. See you downtown.

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