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"On Monday I received an email from Weekday host Steve Scher informing me that the regular weather segments on Weekday will be discontinued."

—KUOW weather guy Cliff Mass, from a blog post yesterday, explaining that KUOW canceled his morning weather segment this week because he discussed other topics, such as his strong opinions about the UW. Mass has been doing weather reports on KUOW since the mid-'90s.

"An encounter with a young British translator named Jerome (Ewan McGregor) turns the tables by having her write chapters of her novel on his body. But when it’s revealed that the publisher is Jerome’s homosexual lover and also has a dark connection to her father, Nagiko plots her revenge against both men."

—SIFF review of filmmaker Peter Greenway's Pillow Talk, playing at 9:30 tonight at the Harvard Exit, one of 20 plus movies showing today as the 37th Seattle International Film Festival kicks off this weekend.


"It's a great morning to bike to work. Be courteous, follow the rules, and share the road."

—Tweet from Mayor Mike McGinn at 7 this morning—which is sure to make talk jocks' and columnists' heads explode citywide—kicking off the Cascade Bicycle Club's (that's David Hiller's former group) annual Bike to Work Day.

"The total arrests from the past two occupations over the last week at the University total 40 students."

—Morgan Currier, spokesperson for UW United Students Against Sweatshops, in an 8pm follow-up email to an earlier afternoon press release announcing that 15 students were occupying the athletic director's office.

UW interim President Phylis Wise has told the group the UW would not cancel its concessions contract with Sodexo, a company that has been accused of human and labor rights violations around the world.
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