City council incumbent Jean Godden, who's facing four challengers in her race for reelection to a third term in office, has already spent more than half the money she's raised so far---$57,960, out of a total $108,776 raised---in the runup to the August primary election, campaign disclosure reports at the city confirm. That figure includes $43,499 spent directly, plus another $7,317 Godden owes in debt.

The vast majority of that money--more than $38,000---has gone to Godden's three political consultants: McKenna Hartman (around $24,000 so far, plus around $1,600 in debt); Cathy Allen ($8,300 as of the end of March); and Katie Bethell's Left Hook Consulting ($5,600 so far). Godden has been paying Hartman about $3,200 a month since early 2010, and has recently started paying Allen about $5,000 a month, not counting miscellaneous expenses like photography and postage.

Allen, as I've noted in the past, is the city's most expensive political consultant. She got last night's Godden kickoff started, noting that the campaign is on Twitter and Facebook and has been getting "a lot of action" on its web site.
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