Ben and China got in because their wedding at Chapel on Capitol Hill was lavish yet austere; an almost all-white, all-out indulgence for everyone involved. And their photographer captured all the essential bits.

Top three questions asked about Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s Real Wedding pages:

1. How do I get my wedding into Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s Real Wedding pages?

2. How do I get my client’s wedding into Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s Real Wedding pages?

3. What’s the deadline for the next issue’s submissions?

Here’s how we reply:

1. Hire a detail oriented photographer and a stylish event design team (or be your own very thorough celebrations engineer), and plan a spirited, thoughtful celebration that will inspire couples all over the Northwest.

2. Make sure the photographer captures details, not just posed shots, gather about 25 images that are similar in subject matter to the ones we tend to print in the magazine and online (ie: they illustrate the ceremony, show off the wedding party’s grand style, and point out what was brilliant at the reception: the tables, the printed matter, the favors, the food, the cake, the overall venue), and reference our submission guidelines for final instructions.If and when we like what we see, we’ll send the couple a Q and A to complete, and we’ll request a full set of high res images.

3. May 12 That’s soon. We’ve already received lots of great submissions but we want to make sure we have all the best events to choose from. Hence this reminder. Get your best bets in soon. We only have so many pages for Real Weddings in each issue, and considering how many beautiful weddings were orchestrated in the last year, they do go fast.

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