Will another sheriff, King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, end up in the U.S. Congress? Rahr's longtime political consultant Cathy Allen tells PubliCola she thinks the sheriff, a conservative who's well-liked by liberals for her feminist credentials and progressive views on alternative sentencing, could be a winner after redistricting potentially carves up the eighth district. Allen says she's been pushing Rahr to run and Rahr hasn't shot down the idea.

Last night at the annual Municipal League dinner, Allen, in fact, introduced Rahr to folks at her table as "your next congresswoman."

The redistricting guessing game is a jumble, but Allen says if the eighth is split in two, with a more Democratic district emerging north of I-90 (leaving Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert with a safe GOP seat south of I-90)—a true moderate swing district that would favor a crossover candidate such as Rahr.

We have a call in to Rahr.

UPDATE: We didn't talk to Sheriff Rahr, but we did just talk to King County Sheriff's spokesman John Urquhart who was adamant when he told us Rahr has "is not running for another office. It's not going to happen." He said he's heard the rumors; he cited a Rahr vs. Cantwell rumor, and said "she has no intention of running."

UPDATE: Urquhart reports that he has talked to Sheriff Rahr, and she confirmed that it's not going to happen, adding: "Oh, that Cathy."

P.S. Gotta admit, I hadn't heard the Rahr vs. Cantwell rumor. The GOP should think about that.
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