Ever wonder what former US senate candidate Dino Rossi has been up to since November? Just the same old stuff, apparently. He's headlining another foreclosure seminar in Bellevue on March 8th, just like he was nailed for doing last summer. The Homeowner Conference is billing the "By Invitation Only" event as part of a "real estate & financial series" featuring "economic experts" like Dino Rossi and John Curly.

The invite says attendees will learn "The 7 critical mistakes you do not want to make when buying foreclosures, Why long-term home ownership is the key to growing your wealth and financial security," and even the "5 financial facts about the Obama Homeowner Stimulus Plan."

Rossi's appearances at these types of conferences were a common line of attack from Murray supporters during the 2010 election.

Here's the email invite we got:
Please join us March 8th at 6:30pm for a dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant in Bellevue.

Did you know there has never been a better time to invest in real estate?

With the current financial & real estate meltdown an opportunity has been created like never before in history. Because you were referred to me, I wanted to personally invite you as my VIP guest to hear Pacific Northwest real estate & economic experts John Curley & Dino Rossi and receive personalized advice from Washington's leading Financial Planners, CPA's and Real Estate Attorneys. You will take away unique wealth-building tax secrets and financial strategies. As my VIP guest, I have reserved two (2) complimentary tickets. The normal tuition fee of $100 is waived for you.

At this exclusive real estate & financial conference you will learn:

1. The 7 critical mistakes you do NOT want to make when buying foreclosures
2. How to consistently earn over a 50% ROI per year buying and selling foreclosures
3. The 5 financial facts about the Obama Homeowner Stimulus Plan
4. How to analyze any investment property for greater profits with less risk
5. The 8 big mortgage mistakes and how to avoid them
6. How to create a "Real Estate IRA or 401(k)" to invest in undervalued properties
7. The 9 secrets behind Washington's most successful foreclosure investors
8. How to refinance to the lowest interest rates in US history

The Homeowner Conference is an invitation for you to learn real estate investing strategies that will help you secure your financial future, generate additional income, work less and create more wealth. Please give me a call soon. Call 877-616-9696 or go to HomeownerConference.com to secure your reservation. Looking forward to Seeing You There!

Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall, Partner
Homeowner Conference

P.S. You will learn from a team of experts and advisers that others have paid over $5000 to hear.
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