Uncommon jewelry by Hitchcock owner Erica Sheehan at Nube Green.

Valentine’s Day gives Christmas a run for its money when it comes to last minute shopping.

If you haven’t picked up something sweet for the one(s) you love, consider the last minute recommendations plotted on our Last Minute Valentine’s Day Shopping Map. As usual, this one comes with a little free advice.

First, my gift-giving rule of thumb: Don’t overthink it.

Now, on to the map. Don’t go thinking flowers aren’t an original gift. The key is in choosing the right flowers. Katherine Anderson at Marigold and Mint makes botanicals and blooms look really, really smart. Not inspired to send flowers? Give a plant instead. We like Envy on Capitol Hill and the Palm Room in Ballard.

Got a guy that likes a good old fashioned shave and a handsome manicure? A gift certificate for Valentine’s is perfect (and you can just imagine how popular the Green Lake neighborhood men’s grooming spa is this time of year.)

Food lovers love World Spice Merchants; scent lovers love Essenza. (Hint: It would be a mistake to think that men don’t like scents, or that Essenza is just for women.) Love lovers? Nancy Meyer Fine Lingerie. Enough said. Spell it out for them after a visit to Paper Hammer.

For sweet nothings that are really quite something, Liberty 123, Common Folk, and NuBe Green all stock surprising little notions. There’s more on the map. Check it out.

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